First Mortgages

UNCLE Credit Union is proud to offer a variety of mortgage options to fit your needs including:

5/1 ARM 

With an UNCLE 5/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage* (ARM), you'll gain the advantage of a lower monthly payment during the beginning of your loan term.

For rates and additional details, please contact an UNCLE mortgage consultant.

*Maximum LTV: 80%, owner-occupied 1-4 unit California residential real property only. A “jumbo loan” is a loan amount which is greater than the standard financing limit of $417,000.00 (for a single unit dwelling) or the conforming loan limit for your county. Please check with an UNCLE mortgage consultant for more details. This offer may end without notice.  


Our friendly, experienced staff is here to help you with all your mortgage needs. For your free, personal mortgage consultation, contact an UNCLE mortgage expert:

Marty Petersen
Direct: 925.724.2142
NLMS #: 256280




Dennie RavaraDennie Ravara
Direct: 925.724.2144
NMLS #: 904620




Trinna SyCip
Direct: 925.724.2143
NMLS#: 253509

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