Lending Protection

Now that you are a borrower at UNCLE, we're pleased to offer several valuable programs to protect you at an affordable cost. 

GAP Coverage

Provided your car loan is financed with UNCLE, our GAP Protection plan will:

Compare our prices: Most dealers charge $700 - $800 for GAP insurance when you purchase your car. UNCLE’s price starts at just $399.

Payment Protection

When unexpected events such as disability or involuntary unemployment occur, Payment Protection can:

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC)

This plan offers an extended warranty for cars financed through UNCLE beyond the dealer’s standard warranty. Join the many members who have taken advantage of this protection so that if a repair does need to be made, you’re covered. Several plans are available.

To purchase or for more information about any or all of these insurance plans, call us during business hours at 925.447.5001, or send us an email.

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