UNCLE's TextMe service allows you to request and receive account information all via text messages from your mobile phone. TextMe also offers UNCLE members an alternative method of Online Banking authentication.

Simply sign in to Online Banking and select TextMe under the eServices tab to get started.

Please Note: Once you have activated TextMe via your phone, you will need to reply with "UCU COM" to confirm receipt of the message and complete the activation process.

Once you've completed the activation process, you can use the following commands to get real-time information on all of your UNCLE accounts.

Text UNCLE at (90703) with these commands:

COM - List of commands and UNCLE's contact center phone number
BAL - Available balances
TRAN - Transfer funds
HIST - Recent account transactions
LOCK - Remotely lock access to online banking
UNLOCK - Remotely unlock access to online banking
HOURS - Contact center hours
CONTACT - Contact center phone number
START - Start receiving messages
STOP - Stop receiving messages
HELP - Prompts you to reply "COM" for a list of commands or call UNCLE's contact center for help
?- Same as help

Additional Info