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Want to Teach Your Kids About Finances? These Apps Can Help!

Want to Teach Your Kids About Finances? These Apps Can Help!

April is Financial Literacy Month which is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids how to responsibly spend and save money. It’s important to teach kids about finances and the value of money management early on, but sometimes it’s hard to get them interested. If your kids are like many out there, they might be glued to their devices – a perfect way to reach them! Here’s a list of FREE financial education apps that are fun and informative.


Money Mammals Apps
With three financial education apps available, Money Mammals teaches kids from an early age to share, save, and spend wisely, as well as distinguish needs from wants. The apps include Money Mammals Save for a Goal, Money Mammals Money Drop, and Money Mammals Needs vs. Wants.

Give-Get Financial Board Game
This might make you nostalgic for a game of Monopoly! It teaches kids all about budgeting, saving, and borrowing. With a focus on financial literacy, kids can learn how money works and practice management by playing with friends.

World of Cents*
Created by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), World of Cents helps kids recognize currency and coin values. Kids will get to choose their character and build their world using the money skills they develop along the way.


Con ‘Em If You Can
Scammers don’t discriminate by age. Teach your kids early on how to spot and avoid scams with this app that lets your kids put themselves in the scammer’s shoes. “Conner,” a con and mentor, will teach your kids the persuasion tactics that con artists use in this fun strategy game.

If your kid starts to show more interest in learning more, start including them when setting the monthly budget, paying bills, or if you’re planning on making a big purchase such as a new car. Your kids will thank you later in life!

*Available for free on iOS devices only. Others are available for free on both iOS and Android™ devices.

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